onsdag 13 februari 2013

Goodbye, Maciste

My collecting interests have moved in other directions during recent years and I think i've finally OD:d on pepla... So i've finally decided to give up video collecting all together. Hence there will not be any more updates on this blog (perhaps not a shocker, it was after all two years since the last update). But I will of course leave this page on the web as it might be of benefit for other collectors of fans.

All of the tapes on this page (except a few already sold and a few I didn't get around to listing) are for sale, if you're interested send your offers to oraklonATyahooDOTse and we'll work something out. Trades for rare DVD:s and cool vinyl records could work too!

Cheers and thanks for stopping by! //Lars

måndag 10 januari 2011

Son of Zorro (1973)

Original title: Il Figlio di Zorro

Zorro adventure. Italy/Spain. Starring Robert Widmark, William Berger, Fernando Sancho & Elisa Ramírez. Directed by Gianfranco Baldanello.

Filmex (Sweden). English dubbed. Letterboxed.

Very entertaining Zorro flick, one of the best of the genre! 4/5

Ulysses (1954)

Original title: Ulisse

Peplum. Italy. Starring Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn, Silvana Mangano, Rossana Podestà, Piero Lulli & Andrea Aureli. Directed by Mario Camerini & Mario Bava.

Alfa-Panorama Film & Video (Finland). English dubbed. Fullscreen.

Solid Cinecittà adaption of Homeros epic, with the manly Kirk Douglas as Ulysses. 3/5

söndag 21 november 2010

Fatihin Fedaisi Kara Murat (1972)

Adventure. Turkey. Starring Cüneyt Arkin, Hale Soygazi, Turgut Özatay, Erol Tas & Bora Ayanoglu. Directed by Natuk Baytan.

Yeni Minareci Video Casetleri (Germany). Letterboxed. Turkish language.

Another awesome Cüneyt Arkin flick. A gory and energetic adventure in which the hero Kara Murat is teamed up against the notorious tyrant, and original Dracula, Vlad "the impaler" Tepes - a folk hero for the romanians, obviously not so much for the turks... (the guy who plays Vlad is as good a villian as Cünyt is a hero!) In one unbelievable scene the young Kara Murat is forced to shop off the arms and legs of his father (Cüneyt in another Nietzsche-sized fake moustasche) who is so strong and manly he hardly moves an eyebrow! The young Kara Murat of course swors vengeance and returns to Vlad's castle some 15 years later, disguised as a christian monk... 4/5

Kara Murat Ölüm Emri (1974)

Adventure. Turkey. Starring Cüneyt Arkin, Yildirim Gencer, Atilla Ergün, Hüsein Zan & Melek Ayberk. Directed by Natuk Baytan.

Katibim (Germany). Fullscreen. Turkish language.

Korkusuz Cengaver (1976)

Adventure. Turkey. Starring Cüneyt Arkin, Tarık Şimşe & Salih Kırmızı. Directed by Duygu Sağıroğlu.

Tele Star (Germany). Fullscreen. Turkish language.

Iki Esir (1971)

Adventure. Turkey. Starring Cüneyt Arkin, Filiz Akin, Kuzey Vargin, Hülya Babus & Atilla Ergün. Directed by Natuk Baytan.

Nart Video (Germany). Fullscreen. Turkish language.