fredag 30 oktober 2009

Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West (1965)

Original title: Buffalo Bill, L'eroe del Far West

Western/Adventure. Italy/France/West Gerany. Starring Gordon Scott,Mario Brega, Piero Lulli, Hans von Borsody & Ingeborg Schöner. Directed by Mario Costa.

Salut (Denmark). Selltape. English dubbed. Fullscreen. Not the best looking print.

Generally considered the first spaghetti western, this plays much more like an adventure film. Not so strange considering the director is adventure expert Mario Costa, the casting of peplum star Gordon Scott and the fact that Leone hadn't hit us with his "dollar" films yet. Some people go into this hoping for something Leone-essque and are dissapointed when they get an innocent adventure film in western settings. But for me who likes adventure it's a surprisingly well-crafted and all around fun film... one of Costa's best! 4/5

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