lördag 31 oktober 2009

El Pequeño Robin Hood (1975)

Adventure/Family. Mexico. Starring René Cardona III & René Cardona. Directed by René Cardona.

Nm. International (Sweden). Selltape. Spanish with swedish subtitles. Fullscreen.

Wonderful, wonderful adventure/family film with the whole Cardona family assembled (Cardona Jr. wrote the script). The old gypsy Aramis and his young protogé Robin Hood are travelling the country with their bow and arrow-show. While the villagers watch the show their trained monkey Lucifer empty their pockets. After an encounter with the law and an escape from jail everything ends happy for the three friends and Lucifer dances a kosack-dance while Aramis plays the accordion while the snow starts falling (if you don't melt there you have no heart). I love this film. 5/5

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