fredag 30 oktober 2009

La Marque de Zorro (1975)

Zorro adventure. France. Starring Roger Darton, Monica Swinn, Howard Vernon & Clint Douglas. Directed by Marius Lesoeur, Alain Payet (uncredited) & Jesus Franco (uncredited).

Nm. International (Sweden). Selltape. English dubbed. Fullscreen.

Bad and typically confusing Eurociné mishmash of newly shot scenes and re-used ones from an old 1960s Zorro. It was a while since I saw it but if I remember correctly Howard Vernon made one hell of a swashbuckling villian though! According to the internet movie database some footage was shot by good ol' Jess Franco, but i'd take that with a grain of salt... they also list french sleaze actress Monica Swinn as Zorro! (now there's a gender-bending Zorro movie i'd like to see!) 2/5

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