lördag 31 oktober 2009

Massacre in the Black Forest (1967)

Original title: Hermann der Cherusker - Die Schlacht im Teutoburger Wald

Peplum. West Germany/Italy. Starring Hans von Borsody, Cameron Mitchell, Antonella Lualdi & Beba Loncar. Directed by Ferdinando Baldi & Rudolf Nussgruber (uncredited).

Sunrise Tapes (Holland). English dubbed. Letterboxed.

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  1. Wonderful! Some time ago I made a subtitled version of the Italian dub, from a Greek DVD release. (I may later add English audio if I get it synched.) I was wondering if you could perhaps scan the whole thing, so I could use it as a cover for the dvd, please? I may have one or two such movies in return if you are interested. You can reach me at themontypythonmuseum at gmail dot com. Cheers!