onsdag 14 oktober 2009

Robin Hood Never Dies (1975)

Original title: Robin Hood Nunca Muere

Robin Hood adventure. Spain. Starring Charly Bravo & Emma Cohen. Directed by Francesc Bellmunt.

Mariann Video (Sweden). English dubbed. Fullscreen.

Strange and dark (for a boys' adventure) spanish Robin Hood film in which Robin stays dead for the first half of the movie (!) but is reanimated (!!) in the second part. Lot's of crazyness courtesy of Charly Bravo: he laughs more like a madman than a cheerful adventure hero! For some reason it has lots of "Wickerman-ish" song numbers. I also suspect some hidden critisism of the Franco regime might have been intended by the makers. Not what many would call a good movie, but I liked it, it has its charm. 3/5

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