torsdag 5 november 2009

Lions of St. Petersburg (1971)

Original title: Leoni di Petersburgo

Adventure. Italy. Starring Mark Damon, Erna Schürer, Gary Wilson & Piero Regnoli. Directed by Mario Siciliano.

Wahlters Video (Sweden). English dubbed. Widescreen. Very good quality.

Director Sicliano is more famous (by italo-exploitation fans that is) for dreck like he incredibly sick and racist action film Skin 'Em Alive and the porno-horror Orgasmo Esotico - this is his attempt at a "clean" russian adventure film . While the film is very nicely photographed and shot they really should have payed more attention to the script. The viewer is often totally in the blue regarding the characters actions and motivations and it's hard to follow the plot. Nice to look at but ultimately confusing and boring. This swedish video has a wonderful new tagline: "KILL THE FUCKING COSACKS"! 2/5

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