onsdag 9 december 2009

The Black Pirate (1976)

Original title: Il Corsaro Nero

Pirate yarn. Starring Kabir Bedi, Carole André, Mel Ferrer, Sal Borgese & Dagmar Lassander, Guido Alberti. Directed by Sergio Sollima.

Hemvideo Film (Sweden). English dubbed. Widescreen.

Marvelous romantic swashbuckler sharing the same style, cast and professionalism of Sollima's classic Sandokan series. Kabir is the man. A must-see. 4/5

3 kommentarer:

  1. I think I have this one around somewhere, Lars. Your write up makes me wanna see it now. I'll see if I can find it. Although it might be the Terence Hill movie, BLACKIE THE PIRATE that I have.

  2. BLACK PIRATE is a much better film than BLACKIE (even though that one's mildly entertaining too) so I hope it's that one you got. Also make sure to catch the even better SANDOKAN series, also by Sollima - Kabir is the best adventure hero in the world in that one! (one of few men who makes me question my hetrosexuality)

  3. I do believe I have that SANDOKAN series, Lars on DVD-R. I also have the two Reeves movies and another one which I have yet to watch.