fredag 4 december 2009

Brennus, Enemy of Rome (1963)

Original title: Brenno il Nemico di Roma

Peplum. Italy. Starring Gordon Mitchell, Massimo Serato, Tony Kendall ,Ursula Davis, Carla Calò & Andrea Aureli. Directed by Giacomo Gentilomo.

Venus Video (Greece). English dubbed. Widescreen. Nice print!

Wonderful peplum that really showcases Gordon Mitchell strenghts in roles like "ruthless warrior chief"! Very well made, very entertaining... and surprisingly violent and dark in tone for a sword and sandal flick (even the kid hero dies!). One of my personal favorites, highly recommended! 4/5

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  1. crazy dude on the cover!!

  2. Wow, this one sounds good, Lars. I've not heard of it. I see Massimo Serato and Tony Kendall are among the cast, too.