fredag 4 december 2009

Tarzan and the Jungle Mystery (1973)

Original title: Tarzán y el Misterio de la Selva

Jungle adventure. Spain. Starring Richard Yesteran, Marina Ferri & Didi Sherman. Directed by Miguel Iglesias.

VTC (Sweden). English dubbed. Fullscreen.

Very obscure spanish Tarzan ripp off. No matter how much I try not to I always compare these films to the great Caño/Hawkes/Swan collaborations, but it's not the same thing. While those films added something fresh to the Tarzan formula, the others are very much your standard, cheap B-film ripp offs. However, viewed as mindless cheezy entertainment this is one of the funnier. You have to love Richard Yesteran as the Grade Z Tarzan, his yell always cracks me up (if you think he was bad, watch David Carpenter in Tarzan in King Salomon's Cave... or rather, don't)! 3/5 (entertainment value)

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