lördag 23 januari 2010

Convoy of Women (1974)

Original title: Convoi de Femmes

Sleaze/Adventure/Western. France/Italy. Starring Alice Arno, Nadine Pascal, Evelyne Scott, Michel Charrel, Olivier Mathot, Paul Muller & Pierre Taylou. Directed by Pierre Chevalier.

Herzog Video (Germany). German dubbed. Letterboxed.

Not really an adventure film per se but a sleazy Eurociné composite that spices up some forgotten 1960s adventure films with sleaze and nudity. A bunch of gals are kidnapped and are shipped off (rape, whipping, bouncing french buttocks, probably a little inserted footage from some old pirate film) to America to become army prostitutes (rape, whipping, bouncing buttocks... sigh... lots of footage of cowboys and indians, storming of forts etc. from the 1960s Eurociné western-adventure The Last of the Mohicans). Typically bland direction, stiff acting and sub par camera work... and as often when watching routine Eurociné sleaze your mind immediately numbs and starts playing "find the stock footage" in self-defense. OK film, I had hoped for more pirate stuff but it played more like a dirty western. The most enjoyable thing for me was seeing that creepy, bald Eurociné regular who always plays rapist as an Indian in warpaint! 2/5

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