lördag 16 januari 2010

Tor: Mighty Warrior (1963)

Original title: Taur, il Re della Forza Bruta

Peplum. Italy. Starring Joe Robinson, Bella Cortez & Harry Baird. Directed by Antonio Leonviola.

Replay Video (Belgium). French language with dutch subtitles. Letterboxed (slightly). Image is stretched out so if you adjust your TV settings you can get a pretty good full widescreen, but it doesn't help much since the print is horribly bad and dubbed in french... Nice, tacky cover though.

Bizarre and crudely made peplum, but not without its entertainment value. Apparently the project begun as a Tarzan-ripp off, but not much of that was left in the finsihed product (this tacky belgian video release tries to sell it as one though). A blatantly racist movie, poor Harry Baird (Four of the Apocalypse) had to degrade himself as Ubaratutu, the stupid and cowardly black sidekick to his "massa" Taur. 2/5

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