tisdag 9 februari 2010

The Falcon (1983)

Original title: Banovic Strahinja

Fantasy (sort of)/Historical (sort of). Yugoslavia/West Germany. Starring Franco Nero, Dragan Nikolic, Sanja Vejnovic, Rade Serbedzija & Gert Fröbe. Directed by Vatroslav Mimica.

Video Communication (Sweden). English dubbed. Fullscreen.

Good, but somewhat problematic film based on a medieval serbian folktale. It's very much a child of it's time, riding the wave of serbian nationalism that exploded after Tito's death, and it certainly demonices muslims. We all know how well that ended. It's also very sexist. But Franco Nero is good as always and it's a violent and gritty film with attractive photography and a fairy tale/fantasy touch (even though there's no supernatural stuff going on as far as I remember) that I really enjoyed. Who can say no to that? 3/5

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