onsdag 24 februari 2010

Goliath Against the Giants (1961)

Original title: Goliath Contro i Giganti

Peplum. Italy/Spain. Starring Brad Harris, Gloria Milland, Fernando Rey & Nello Pazzafini. Directed by Guido Malatesta.

DVD: RHV (Italy). English/italian language options. Widescreen. Very good quality.

Silly Malatesta-fun with giants, seamonsters, amazons, an evil king etc. Entertaining! 3/5

4 kommentarer:

  1. I got this disc. Great movie and loads of fun. I wonder how much of the film is actually Malatesta's? It's too good of a movie for much of it to be helmed by him.

  2. Malatesta is OK in my book, I like everything i've seen of his on SOME level - except the dull roman drama Fire Over Rome- but I see what you mean... this is better acted, faster paced and looks way better than films like Colossus and the headhunters or Maciste Against the Monsters. Perhaps he had a better budget to work with here?

  3. According to the notes inside the DVD case, Malatesta was fired after losing control of the production and Parolini replaced him. It doesn't say just how much of the film he did, but they did give him final credit unless Parolini wanted nothing to do with final cut?

  4. Right... totally forgot about that. Now that you mentioned, it DOES have a similiar feel to Parolini's Samson, also from -61 and also with Harris. You could be on to something...