lördag 13 februari 2010

Master of the World (1983)

Original title: I Padroni del Mondo

Fantasy (sort of). Italy. Starring Sven Kruger, Sasha D'Arc & Aldo Sambrell. Directed by Alberto Cavallone.

SPO Video (Japan). English dubbed narration and ugh!-language with no subs. Widescreen.

A violent and very bleak semi-serious stoneage epic á la Quest For Fire. For some reason this film always makes me depressed and it's not a title I revisit often. It was the last film directed by failed arthouse director turned angry porn director Cavallone and ironically the only one he did that got dubbed in english (the film's dialouge consists only of "ugh!":s save for the narration at the beginning and end). Cavallone also wrote the less serious but more fun stoneage flick Ironmaster. I doubt that this film will ever turn on on anybody's favorite film-lists but you have to see it at least once. 2/5

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