måndag 8 mars 2010

Messalina, Messalina! (1977)

Sex comedy/Peplum. Italy. Starring Anneka Di Lorenzo, Tomas Milian, Vittorio Caprioli, Salvatore Borghese, Lori Wagner & Raf Luca. Directed by Bruno Corbucci.

VCI (Greece). English dubbed. Widescreen.

Lifeaffirming, playful, sensual comedy in toga and sandals from the acclaimed director of When Women Played Ding Dong and other subtle comic masterpieces that would make Jacques Tati green of envy... or maybe not. This lowbrow tits-'n-farts romp actually surprised me by being pretty funny (albeit in a retarded way) and fully watchable! Milian is great fun as always and the over-the-top Peter Jackson-style bloodbath near the end sure came as a nice surprise out of nowhere! If I didn't know better i'd say i've just given a Bruno Corbucci comedy a mild recommendation... you may kill me now. 3/5

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