torsdag 1 april 2010

Top Line (1988)

Sci-Fi/Indiana Jones-copy etc. Starring Franco Nero, Deborah Moore, William Berger, Mary Stavin & George Kennedy. Directed by Nello Rossati.

SHV (Japan). English dubbed. Letterboxed.

Bizarre, but enjoyable hybrid film that throws in a little bit of everything: sci-fi, action, adventure, horror, fantasy, stolen ideas from Indiana Jones and even the goddamned Terminator! A fun 90 minutes. 3/5

2 kommentarer:

  1. I missed this going up! This is easily in my top 5 most wanted VHS tapes-I have a cruddy PAL print and I find the film really entertaining. Thanks for posting, I've wondered how the Japanese would sell it, and they do not disapoint!

  2. Hey David! The japanese tape is quite nice and probably the best version out there but it's not perfect of course - I would really like to see this one on DVD in full widescreen someday. I really like the film too, a fun mishmash of stolen ideas and Farnco Nero playing a drunk again!