torsdag 26 november 2009

Atlas (1961)

Peplum. USA/Greece. Starrig Michael Forest, Frank Wolff & Barboura Morris. Directed by Roger Corman.

Video For Pleasure (Holland). English language. Letterboxed. The video transfer could be better but it's the only color+lbx print I know of. This appears to be some kind of VFP promo video, tape has no labels but it doesn't appear to be a copy/bootleg. Anybody has a "real" VFP tape of this or know if it was even released?

One of very few american peplum imitations, produced and directed by Corman (who else?) but shot in Greece. A very cheap production (the "spectacular" battle scenes never have more than 4-5 in frame at the same time) but it's entertaining enough and Frank Wolff makes a great villian as Proximates the Tyrant. 3/5

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