torsdag 26 november 2009

Ulysses Against Hercules (1962)

Original title: Ulisse contro Ercole

Peplum. Italy/France. Starring Georges Marchal, Mike Lane, Alessandra Panaro, Gabriele Tinti, Raf Baldassarre, Gianni Santuccio & Yvette Lebon. Directed by Mario Caiano.

Star Video (Finland). English dubbed. Fullscreen. US TV-version.

I only needed to hear the "Mighty Sons of Hercules"-song in the beginning to get in a good mood from this film. A really pulpy and entertaining peplum with some fantastic ingredients, my favorites being the vulture-people and their bigbreasted queen (who of course falls in love with both Hercules and Ulisses). The non-plot is basically that Hercules is on a mission from the gods to find and capture Ulisses for blinding the Cyklops. Ulisses outsmarts Hercules and manages to escape, encounters some fantastic creatures or evil queens, is captured again, outsmarts Hercules, escapes, encounters creatures etc. in absurdum. Of course the two heroes finally becomes the best of friends and joins forces to defeat the evil king Lagos (wonderfully played by Gianni Santuccio), a sweaty, sickly and rambling madmen who likes to torture women and uses his army of neanderthal men to pillage the nearby villages in quest for total power. Silly fun. 3/5

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