torsdag 3 december 2009

Vengeance of Ursus (1961)

Original title: La Vendetta di Ursus

Peplum. Italy. Starring Samson Burke, Wandisa Guida, Livio Lorenzon & Nerio Bernardi. Directed by Luigi Capuano.

VTC (Sweden). English dubbed. Widescreen. Very good print.

This time Samson Burke plays the Ursus part instead of the usual suspect Ed Fury and a fine job he does. A very entertaining peplum with a pompeus hero with super strenght, a kid hero sidekick, a cunning and evil king, a princess in distress, treason, traps etc. (i.e the same old stuff we never tire of - it's not orginality we're after, right?). Was there a "funny" midget too? I can't remember. Anyway, real fun stuff, check it out if you get the chance. 4/5

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